February 2021

The Nature of the Business

Love what YOU do

Yesterday (2/9/21), my call time was 7am.  As with any set, you can't have any expectations. Catering may be less then desirable, crafty (much needed snacks) through out the day may be unhealthy and gross and fellow backgrounders my have an attitude and walk off the set. 

The set I've been on the past three weeks has been by far the best set to have worked on, not counting 'Richard Jewell', and having the opportunity being in a scene with Olivia Wilde, and meeting Clint Eastwood.  Unfortunately, the scene was cut from the final edit. 

I've been in the business twenty-four years now, each set is different, depending on the budget. No two are alike. I'm not in the business for the glamour, nor fame and fortune.  That should NEVER be your reason as well. Your reason is for the love and the craft of the work.

Quote of the Month

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but by building the new"