August 2021

I'm back!! it's been awhile since I've made any updates, with that said, welcome to my website.  

Since February I've had several auditions.  I am being HIGHLY considered for the most recent audition and looking forward to where that will lead.

I've also been working on several productions in the Atlanta area, the last one I was on, I portrayed a prisoner, and had feature time on camera  sitting near Colin Firth.

It's exciting to walk the streets of Atlanta, I walk through two locations yesterday, the first one, the background extras were walking off set back to holding and saw a friend of mine, who was working.  The other in midtown, and a PA recognized me from another production we worked on together.   Atlanta is truly the new Hollywood, a production can be spotted almost anywhere in Atlanta and Georgia as a whole.

Besides the background extra work I do, I'm also working at The Omni CNN Atlanta Hotel, as an on-call banquet server, and with a couple of temp agencies working catering and banquet events.  life is keeping me busy, and out of trouble. 

I will make a conscience effort to update my site on a regular monthly basis.  Enjoy the summer and stay cool. 

Drink PLENTY of Kangen water too.  Contact  Mark Doster, for additional information



Quote of the Month

"Appreciate every moment 

of your life because one day

you'll wish you had more


~Roger Lee