Frank Eramo 





"THE PLAYER'S END" Supporting Scott Christianson/Ram Ran Productions
"ESCAPE" Starring Dan Drescher/Full Sail Films
"FACELIFE" Supporting Jared Porcenaluk/VW Thing Productions
"IT CAME FROM A PLACE" Supporting Brandon Wane/LO Pictures
"A CALL FOR JUSTICE" Co-Star Jeremiah Baumbach/JB Films
"MR. HARRISON" Supporting Jessica Clark/Full Sail Films
"LELA" Supporting Toy Spears/Little Lamb Stone Productions
"THE NOVELIST" Starring Octavian Onuc/New Begining Films
"THE EXPOSITION REPORT" Supporting Jesse Chapman/College is a Movie Productions
"BROTHERLY LOVE" Supporting Mahadevan Bros./BL Productions
"THE ETERNAL" Supporting James D. Watkins/Phoenix Productions
"OVERTIME" Starring Robert Fritz/RF Productions


"DR. G MEDICAL EXAMINER" ("Wounded") Co-Star Fahad Vania/Atlas Media
"FROENSIC FILES" ("DNA Dragnet") Featured Mike Jordan/Medstar Televsion
"DR. G MEDICAL EXAMINER" ("Death on the Road") Featured David Guertin/Atlas Media
"ASTONISHING NEWS" ("Blind Woman" segment) Featured Yuji Matsuno/Milky Way Media
"MAXIMUM BOB" (pilot) Stand-In (Beau Bridges and Brent Briscoe) Barry Sonnenfield/Warner Brothers
"FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON" ("We Interrupt This Program") Stand-In (Dennis Neal) David Frankel/Imagine Entertainment


"FANTASY LIVES OF WOMEN" Supporting Osceola Center for the Arts
"THE WAITING ROOM" Supporting Davidson Valentini Theatre
"YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" Supporting WDW Players
"THE SOUND OF MUSIC" Supporting Lyman Drama Troupe


VISCIRA Stand-In (Joe Pergolizzi, Steve Vacalis, and Ortando Florete) Jed Mortenson/Waypoint Films
ACCUVISION Featured James Cullinane/Blue Dolphin Films


Available Upon Request


Valerie and Ken Grant (KVG Studios - Commercial Technique I), Patrick Cherry (Zoe & Company) - Film TechniqueI), Brett Rice (Zoe & Company - Scence Study), Eugene Buica (The Acting Corps - Meisner Technique), Yvonne Suhor (Art's Sake Studios: Core I - Introduction to Film Acting, Core II - Scene Study, and Audition Workout)

Special Skills

Choral Singer (Baritone), Handbell Player, Bank Teller, Typist, Croquet, Badminton, Cyclist,k Skating, Sledding, Bowling, Table Tennis, Backpacking, Traveling, Southern Dialect, Updated Passport
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